Well, it all has to start somewhere, so telling you why I started this project and what I plan to do with it seems to be a good place. I have embarked on this project for many reasons. I know lots of you will know “Humans of New York”, well i didn’t realize that that site was a motivation for me but actually, the more I have started thinking about it the more I realize it is.

I love people and I have always gotten along great with them, from when I was working in my aunties shop-(big up Premier Number One in Alloa) to my current job now as an Event Planner. At the end of 2014, I was a volunteer at the Homeless World Cup in the media team, and it reignited my love affair for telling peoples stories.

I traveled to Chile to write about the players journeys, from abject poverty to drug use and how they were rehabilitated through sport. I loved the connection I felt to these men and women and knew that someday I would find a project of my own.

The 2015 Moto GP season has reignited Rossi-mania and brought back for so many, a passion for the sport. My mission is to share the stories of Rossi fans, so please, if you have a picture of you and Valentino, please send me it, along with the story behind the picture and why you love the The Doctor so much.

Maybe one day I will share my own #ThankYouVale story!

Thank you for reading and please help me spread the word to every Rossi fan!