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October 2015

Where have the TYV team been?

Well, as I (Sian) right this, I am almost at a loss as to where to begin. What a roller coaster the last two weeks have been.

Firstly, Philip Island- something special happened but I am not quite ready to write about it yet. It merely goes into the pot of memories for now. However THE RACE! People are calling it one of the greatest Moto GP races of all time. And are we to say different? It would have been great to see. Valentino on the podium however, not all dreams can be made in a weekend.

With access to the pits it was great to see and meet so many different riders, but especially great to see so much yellow! Philip Island will always have a special place in my heart, from when Valentino came behind after the yellow flag penalty to picking up the title against Sete. The track truly is magnificent and I am delighted to check it off of my bucket list.

The Sunday night after the race, I felt I was not ready to go. This could not be the end of my Moto GP journey in 2015. Starting off in COTA, I just couldn’t let it end- so on a whim I booked Sepang.

Little did I know what would be in store. Possibly the most controversial Moto GP race ever. We stand by Valentino here at TYV.

With so much controversy and debate, speculation asks will Valentino attend Valencia? We really hope so, however, it also brings about the inevitable question of, what happens when Vale eventually retires?

Here at TYV it has just been us even more of a boost to really get moving with this project. So please, help us thank VR46 for all the memories and send us in your pictures. We want to tell the story of his fans!



It has been 46 days since I last posted

Forgive me TYV community. However posting resumes now that I have finally got sorted moving from Edinburgh to Melbourne. Can’t wait for Philip Island!

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