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November 2015

Christian- Tavullia, Italy

Name: ChristianAge: 15

Location: Tavullia, Italy

“20/06/2015 was a very special day for me! 

My friend @casagrande_luca and I waited by the entrance of the famous Rossi ranch at the entrance for over two hours! 

Just before the arrival of Vale, two men tried to send us away, I don’t know who they were, but we stayed! The men kept saying he wouldn’t stop and take a picture with us. Well guess what? He did!

Ten minutes later here he arrived in his rs6, I did not believe it was him! Here was the guy that millions love and made millions of people fall in love with the sport!

He was just there! I was in a daze but my friend pushed me forwards and I got my picture!

After everyone had made the picture I just had to get an autograph!

When he returned to his car to go to the ranch my friend and I began to scream and run from happiness.

It was great!!!”

#ThankYouVale for making us come alive in every race you ride!

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Luca- Tavullia, Italy 


Name: Luca.

Age: 15

Location: Tavullia, Italy

“I met Valentino for the second time during the holidays in Cattolica. This city is very close to Tavullia. I knew that one of those days Valentino was riding in his ranch; so I decided with my friend to go and see if we could meet him. After two days of research, a friend of Valentino told us that Valentino would ride his motorcycle the next day. So the next afternoon we positioned ourselves at the entrance to his ranch with lots of other fans. 

We waited for more than two hours until I saw an Audi rs6. At that moment I realized that my idol had arrived. Valentino was all smiles and he began to take pictures and sign autographs. I was very surprised because I knew that i was talking with a normal and human being! Not an ‘actor’, he was very kind. He embraced all his fans. 

#ThankYouVale for being an ispiration! Not only because you are best rider in the world (in my opinion) but also you are so different from the other riders. Always very fun with everybody!                                                       

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Corey- Indianapolis, USA

Name: Corey

Location: Morton’s Steakhouse Indianapolis, USA

“We saw Vale and his team eating dinner after practice on Friday. Despite having a lot of work to do, Vale went out of his way to offer us a picture and talk with us.

During the time he spent with us, he focused the whole of his energy on us and made us feel like the only people in the room. As soon as we said our thanks and goodbyes, he went straight back into work mode like he flipped a switch.”

#ThankYouVale for teaching me that there are many parts to every job, and being able to handle them all to the best of your ability is what makes you the GOAT.

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Rafa- São Paulo 


Name: RafaAge: 33

Location: São Paulo

I met Valentino when he was filming a TV show in Brazil at a private circuit. Ironically that day I was the doctor for ‘The Doctor’!

One of the organisers knew how obsessed I was with Vale so they invited me to watch the whole production and then I got to meet him!

#ThankYouVale for for being not only the best rider but the nicest guy!
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Natalia- Madrid, Spain

Name: Natalia

Age: 22

Location: Madrid, Spain

Valentino has always taught me to follow my dreams! If you work hard, like him, you can achieve anything! 

Saturday of Valencia ’15, Vale arrived back into the paddock on the back of a scooter. He had crashed in the last session and was making his way back to the motor home, helmet still on. I waited for hours to meet him and eventually after an hour with journalists he arrived back.

However, his security man wouldn’t allow me to take a picture but Valentino spotted this, came over and put his arm around my shoulder and posed.

#ThankYouVale for always making me belief in life!
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Anouk- Holland

ANOUK.jpgName: Anouk
Age: 26
Location: Assen, Holland

“That he is crazy for sure, maybe I like him so much because I think I might be a bit crazy also”. Anouk met Vale this year at the Riders for Health Paddock Day at Assen. “He is always surrounded by hysterical fans and it is really hard to get close to him, after the Press Conference I waited by his truck but there was no way I was getting near. As he came out, one of his kind crew spotted that I had been patiently waiting for a long time and said to Valentino to sign my shirt.

#ThankYouVale for being who you are, always being friendly to your fans even when they pile up on top of you!

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Annie- Australia

Name: Annie

Age: 61

Location: Seymour, Australia

“Have you got a cuddle for an ‘old’ girl?” I asked as Vale was rushed by a group of young girls seeking a selfie. He flashed ‘that’ smile and gently put his arm around me, and kept it there while signing autographs for other fans. That moment will stay with me always- goosebumps covered my skin. That’s why I want to say #ThankYouVale; For his charisma, personality and commitment to the sport that he adores. He openly appreciates each fan and has done for 20 years. Freely giving his time, never being spoiled by fame or riches.

#ThankYouVale for the many, many hours of sheer joy, pleasure and entertainment you have given to your millions of fans.

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David- Great Britain


Age: 45

Location: Lincoln, United Kingdom

Instagram: @Davidbaumber
“I finally got to meet The Goat, and on so many occassions.” David met Vale at Silverstone 2015 after following him for years. ” I love his style, character and passion to be the greatest rider we have ever seen!”

#ThankYouVale for bring so much pleasure over your career!

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Matthew- Northern Ireland

 Name: Matthew
Age: 16
Location:Ahoghill- Northern Ireland

This Millar family have long been into bikes with dad Walter watching Valentino since the early days of 125cc racing. Matthew featured in the above picture shares in his dad’s enthusiasm for VR46. Speaking with Walter over Twitter he said “He’s the GOAT and adds great entertainment value to the races”.

#ThankYouVale for entertainment spanning two decades!

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