Name: ChristianAge: 15

Location: Tavullia, Italy

“20/06/2015 was a very special day for me! 

My friend @casagrande_luca and I waited by the entrance of the famous Rossi ranch at the entrance for over two hours! 

Just before the arrival of Vale, two men tried to send us away, I don’t know who they were, but we stayed! The men kept saying he wouldn’t stop and take a picture with us. Well guess what? He did!

Ten minutes later here he arrived in his rs6, I did not believe it was him! Here was the guy that millions love and made millions of people fall in love with the sport!

He was just there! I was in a daze but my friend pushed me forwards and I got my picture!

After everyone had made the picture I just had to get an autograph!

When he returned to his car to go to the ranch my friend and I began to scream and run from happiness.

It was great!!!”

#ThankYouVale for making us come alive in every race you ride!

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