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December 2015

Eugenio- Italy

Name: Eugenio

Age: 23

Location: Meda, Italy

I met him at the Monza Rally Show. Valentino is really a great rider and driver, a true gentleman and so grounded in a world where it would be easy to get lost in.
#ThankYouVale for all you do for us fans!

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Andry- Indonesia

Name : Andry Boiem BaadillaLocation: Indonesia

Age: 29


It’s like a dream when you meet Valentino! I first met him at Sepang in 2013 and honestly I was silent! He is very graceful, not arrogant at all, even when so many people want an autograph. Of course he immediately accepted all the requests.

Rossi has so many fans in Indonesia and we just love that he keeps fighting!

 #ThankYouVale for always keeping the dream alive!

Vanessa- USA

Name: Vanessa

Age: 26

Location: San Antonio, Texas


As a nine time World Champion, he has proven at the age of 36 he still has the skill and enthusiasm to fight for top positions. Plus, he isn’t just a motorcycle racer, he rocks at rally car too.
I love the way he shows so much appreciation to his fans. You can tell because he has so many worldwide!!

#ThankYouVale for being the reason I watch and follow Moto GP. Thank you for continuing to race at the maximum and never changing who you are!

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Dewi- Indonesia

Name : DewiAge : 33

Country : Indonesia

I met him at Sepang in Malaysia, actually this is the 4th time I have met him and honestly he is the nicest person. When we met he looked like he was in hurry but he always has time for his fans, look at his finger! He held elevator just for us! There is no one like him….
#ThankYouVale for being my idol!

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Nerea- Spain

Name: Nerea

Age: 23

Location: Valencia, Spain


“Why do I love Valentino? Well, my parents and especially my big brother got me into Moto GP and of course I realised Vale was the best rider! I met him at the Michelin tyre test in Valencia at the end of the season.

#ThankYouVale for making us love the sport and of course the picture!

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Shelley- Lincoln UK

  Name: Shelley

Age: 49

Location: Lincoln, Great Britian

“I was visiting Tavullia and Coriano for the weekend. I have always been a massive Rossi and Simoncelli fan so my dreams were made, as when I was sat in Vale’s cafe, in he walked in!

#ThankYouVale for nearly 20 years of racing, being a great ambassador force sport, being a really great guy and for chatting to me!

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Giovanni- Lissone, Italy

Name: GiovanniAge: 23

Location: Lissone, Italy

“Valentino for so many, including myself is like an idol! I’ve always rooted for him! He is the kind of person that makes you believe nothing is impossible and he demonstrates this on the track too! No matter what circuit he is at, he moves the masses! Every race is a flood of emotions for everyone!

#ThankYouVale for giving me the chance to meet you so many times! 

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