Name: Jelmer

Age: 18

Photo taken: Assen 2015

It was a really strange weekend BUT the best of my life so far…

Luc, a guy I never met before the 2015 Dutch TT, and I were talking a little bit on social media like Instagram and we shared some photos and videos together.

Soon we shared our phone numbers and we were calling a few times and talking about @MotoGP and @Valeyellow46 alot.

I knew from his Instagram that he had met Vale the year before. And suddenly just one normal day he asked me to go with him and his dad to the Dutch TT as VIP! 

I couldn’t believe it because I had never met this guy (Luc) and you normally don’t go as VIP, but because of the company Luc his dad works for he got some tickets.

Time went by and the Dutch TT arrived! I met Luc and we hang out the whole weekend, it was the best weekend ever!! We also joined the CWM LCR Honda team during the FP2 šŸ™‚ it was so awesome because I was asking for an autograph and suddenly a member of @CalCrutchlow his team invited us in the Garage to hang out with them during the second free practice.

And yeah, I met Vale and almost every other GP raceršŸ™‹šŸ¼

After the Dutch TT we became closer friends. Maybe this year we can go again!

#ThankYouVale for always being yourself and for how great you are with your fans! šŸ’ŖšŸ»

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