Name: Luc

Age: 17

Photo taken: Assen 2015

Right let me tell you this cool story! Jelmer and I have this awesome friendship, especially because of the way it was created!

He lives on the other side of our country, so it can be hard to reach each other. But we call almost everyday and we are like 2 old ladies talking for hours straight with no problem or silence!šŸ˜‚.

Jelmer and I met @Valeyellow46 at the Dutch TT last year.

A dream weekend with my mate and my idol!

#ThankYouVale for being so cool with your fans, especially as you have so many of them, and you are still keeping it cool in the paddock! Thats really hard when people constantly pushing you and pulling you to take a pic. Thanks Vale for Keeping it šŸ’Æ!! Het gaat je goed Vale, 10e is in zicht!!

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