Name: Jordi

From: Klazienaveen, Holland

This picture was taken at Assen in 2013. 

Back on the Yamaha again after the disastrous years with Ducati. 

A year later and after I had lost 30 kilos in weight. 

This was the 3rd time I met Valentino Rossi. 

The first time i met him was also at Assen but nobody knew him back then because it was his first or second year on a 125cc bike. 

We were a little bit drunk and climbed over the fences when we met Rossi. But we were chased by a security guy with a dog. When we said that to Rossi he asked his dad to watch for the guard. Even then he was a great guy with a big heart for his fans. I will never forget that. 
Greetings Jordi Berens 

Klazienaveen, Holland

#ThankYouVale for taking this picture with me!