Thank You Vale

A movement by Rossi fans

Christian- Mexico

Name: Christian

Age: 29

Photo taken: Austin 2016


I’ve attended every @MotoGP in Austin since it started and the last three years I’ve had paddock passes.

This year I made Vale a Mexican Sugar Skull with his name of it. I gave it to Max, his mechanic and then later I was just standing outside the Yamaha office, out walked Vale and he came directly to me!

He had obviously been told I was the one with the gifts and came over to say thank you to me! Haha! 

#ThankYouVale for always making your fans feel special!

Luc- Assen, Netherlands

Name: Luc

Age: 17

Photo taken: Assen 2015

Right let me tell you this cool story! Jelmer and I have this awesome friendship, especially because of the way it was created!

He lives on the other side of our country, so it can be hard to reach each other. But we call almost everyday and we are like 2 old ladies talking for hours straight with no problem or silence!😂.

Jelmer and I met @Valeyellow46 at the Dutch TT last year.

A dream weekend with my mate and my idol!

#ThankYouVale for being so cool with your fans, especially as you have so many of them, and you are still keeping it cool in the paddock! Thats really hard when people constantly pushing you and pulling you to take a pic. Thanks Vale for Keeping it 💯!! Het gaat je goed Vale, 10e is in zicht!!

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Jelmer- Assen, Netherlands

Name: Jelmer

Age: 18

Photo taken: Assen 2015

It was a really strange weekend BUT the best of my life so far…

Luc, a guy I never met before the 2015 Dutch TT, and I were talking a little bit on social media like Instagram and we shared some photos and videos together.

Soon we shared our phone numbers and we were calling a few times and talking about @MotoGP and @Valeyellow46 alot.

I knew from his Instagram that he had met Vale the year before. And suddenly just one normal day he asked me to go with him and his dad to the Dutch TT as VIP! 

I couldn’t believe it because I had never met this guy (Luc) and you normally don’t go as VIP, but because of the company Luc his dad works for he got some tickets.

Time went by and the Dutch TT arrived! I met Luc and we hang out the whole weekend, it was the best weekend ever!! We also joined the CWM LCR Honda team during the FP2 🙂 it was so awesome because I was asking for an autograph and suddenly a member of @CalCrutchlow his team invited us in the Garage to hang out with them during the second free practice.

And yeah, I met Vale and almost every other GP racer🙋🏼

After the Dutch TT we became closer friends. Maybe this year we can go again!

#ThankYouVale for always being yourself and for how great you are with your fans! 💪🏻

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Maria- Cattolica, Italy

Name: Maria

Photo taken: Cattolica, Italy

What a magical night! It was about four years ago when I met Vale at a go kart race in Cattolica with my family. Not your average night! So special 💛 I am a Valentino fan because he never loses confidence and he is such s believe in team work.
#ThankYouVale for having the mental strength you can’t study and always remaining calm, even when things are not going well!

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Name: Daniel

Photo taken: Rossi’s Ranch

This is a good picture, no?! I met Valentino, a hero of mine at his Ranch in Tavullia. April 30th will always be remembered as a day a dream came true for me! Valentino is the true champion!

#ThankYouVale! You are not just a rider- with your personality and inimitable class, you continue to keep us fixated to the screen and make our passion for two wheels grow!
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Veronica- Rimini, Italy

Name: Veronica

Age: 27

Location: Rimini, Italy

Photo taken: Tavullia, Italy


I’m Italian and he is The Doctor! You don’t have to be the biggest Moto GP fan in the world to know him, he’s an Italian Icon!
One day I was having lunch in his restaurant and in he walked! I just had to get a picture!

#ThankYouVale for stopping and taking this picture with me!

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Alessia- Verona, Italy 

Name: Alessia

Location: Verona, Italy

Age: 19

Photo Taken: Philip Island Test Feb 2016

It’s an Italian thing! I’m living out here in Cowes on Philip Island but I’m from Verona. Back in February I went up to the track for the test. Valentino is my brothers idol, and currently I’m the greatest sister in the world because I got Vale to sign a shirt for him!

Valentino was so kind and so sweet.

#ThankYouVale for being so nice and making my brother the happiest fan ever!

Marcia- Vancouver, Canada

Name: Marcia

Location: Vancouver, British Colombia

Photo Taken: Austin 2016

I have been a major fan for 15 years, but I had no expectation to meet Valentino Rossi that night in town!

However I was walking past a hotel and saw Yamaha and Repsol Honda dry-cleaning hanging on a rack near the front door! A complete fluke I know, but as my friend and I went in and decided to get a Starbucks and look around just in case, suddenly in walked Fenati!

Several other riders followed, mechanics, team managers and Moto 3 riders, and finally my hero Valentino Rossi walked in.

He was all smiles, took time to sign autographs and take genuinely nice photos. He is such a gentleman and such a natural person, I will forever be a fan!

I have a lot to say thank you for, to Valentino Rossi!
#ThankYouVale you for bringing such joy, passion, and enthusiasm to your sport. You have brought in millions and millions of fans who would not spend time watching grumpy, boring riders.

You fight for what you believe in, you are a consummate professional, and I will support you always!

Luca- Tavullia, Italy 

Name : Luca

Location : Tavullia, Italy

Age: 16

“I took this photo in 2014 before the Argentinian GP in Tavullia, It was Uccio’s birthday, I went into Rossi’s resturant and there were Vale, Linda, Uccio, Pasini, Antonelli, Bulega and Marini!!!!!

After 2 hours Vale came over to to to take a photo with my mum and I! He also signed an autograph! When I got into the car, I just screamed!!!!

#ThankYouVale for this picture!

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